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Is 5G Dangerous For The Animals?

5G is a technology that opened many discussions about the hazards it brings, and this time we will be talking about the 5G effect on animals and other species.

As we already know almost any experiment for a thing that needs to be adopted by the human population is firstly tested on animals. So, the mice exposed to longer RF radiation have developed small tumors in the heart. Other than that there were no additional complications, and this refers to the heavy users.

And when it comes to animals, we wanted to present information, which will give you a clear picture of how 5G technologies will affect them.

Despite widespread denial, the evidence that radiofrequency (RF) radiation is harmful to life is already overwhelming. 

Claire Edwards is among the scientists that have written the International Appeal ‘Stop 5G on Earth and in Space’, and she has stated that “Along with birds and insects, children are the most vulnerable to 5G depredation because of their little bodies.”

She had another statement in a recent anti 5G rally speech that “It’s interesting to note that in the last 20 years we have lost 80% of our insects. And if we get 5G, we’re going to lose 100% of our insects.  When the insects go, we go too.”

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These concerns share many scientists throughout the countries that want to implement this technology.

Also, B.N.Frank  have stated that “… exposure can cause various health problems in animals – including cancer.  If your pets become sick, many vets will not take exposure to any of these sources into consideration when diagnosing and treating them.  Even if you address your concerns about exposure, they may still discount research that has already proven harm.”

Another alternative statement than the mainstream that pushes 5G technology to the point of worldwide implementation comes from Hope Good and 22 illnesses from which RF radiation is harming our furry friends. 

While in the Netherlands dairy farmers have noticed extreme effects 5G is creating in livestock.

“… Several hundreds of cows from the 5 dairy farmers simultaneously started running riot without a clear cause… their behavior really looked like agony, so it was not just a moment of frustration for the cows, it was really a life or death situation… the most logical conclusion is that the panic attacks are caused by the recent testing of 5G Wi-Fi in the North of Groningen, exactly where Stitswerd is located!”

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