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Orange Unveils New Plan To Launch 5G Service In France During December

Orange consumers in France will start benefiting from the oper 5G service of operators during December. 

This news corresponds with the launch of four new 5G-compatible data and voice plans. 

At the entry-level price point, consumers will need to pay EUR 39.99 per month.

But, after the initial discount of 12-month, for a plan providing unlimited calls/texts, 

70 GB of 5G data, and an optional of second SIM for another connected device. 

It shows an additional EUR 5 per month as compared to an LTE plan.

This is including the same calls/texts and data allowance, but a paid-for second SIM (EUR 5/month).

After, the initial discount of 12 months, the top-tier price point increase to EUR 94.99 per month.

And it is advertised with unlimited data, while the two mid-tier plans comprise the allowances of 100 and 150 GB. 

The monthly discount is provided to consumers who are taking the mobile service with a fixed broadband package as part of an Open bundle. 

The Plan

Its all plans are subject to a 12-month minimum contract on a SIM-only basis. 

Now. Orange offers all its consumers in the central areas of Barcelona, Madrid, Seville, Valencia, and Malaga with 5G service,

at no additional cost on their telecom bill, the company said in a statement.

The operators of European telecoms are starting to roll out 5G to consumers and businesses,

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providing super-fast download speeds for smartphone users and supporting so-called smart factories and devices.

Orange plans to expand the coverage of 5G to other Spanish cities, later on, the statement said.

Orange is responding to its rival Telefonica, which launched a nationwide 5G service last Tuesday, 

with the goal of bringing the next-generation mobile internet to 75% of the Spanish population this year.

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