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Huawei Signed a Contract For 5G Development in Russia

Chinese technology giant Huawei signed a contract with the Russian telecommunication company MTS for the development of the mobile network from the new 5G generation in Russia, and Beijing at the same time prepares the terrain for building modern communication technology infrastructure in China.

Huawei and MTS in Russia will develop 5G network during the following year, stated BBC.

MTS through an announcement stated that they have signed a contract for ‘development of 5G technology and starting a pilot project for the network from the fifth generation in 2019 and 2020.’

The signing of the contract happened at the same time with the three-day visit of the Chines president in Russia. The cooperation between Russian and Chinese companies is established at a moment when a group of western countries, led by the USA, have decided to turn off Huawei from the development of mobile networks from the new generation because of the possible risks for the national security.

The contract allegedly will be, removing the burden for Huawei, which recently has been under huge international pressure. The Chinese company which was in the center of the American – Chinese battle for thrones which started in the trading sector, and in the meantime transferred to the technology sector.

The USA called for the allies to exclude Huawei, the biggest world producer of telecommunication equipment, from the development of the 5G technology, claiming that Chinese government can use their products for espionage, as we already mentioned in the previous articles.

Huawei denies these statements, pointing out that the company is government independent.

China continues with the development of infrastructure for mobile networks from the next generation and recently it gave permission to four companies for the development of 5G technologies for commercial purposes. Permission now has the state telecommunication companies China Telecom, China Mobile, China Unicom, and Chinese corporation for the broadcasting network.

And Huawei said that they believe that in the near future, 5G technology will be the leading one in the world.

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