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Will America Win The Battle For 5G Supremacy?

You are already familiar with the America-China issues over the 5G network security, and how the Chinese giant Huawei, will or will not use this ultra-modern technology for spying on other countries. It is true that Huawei and all of the Chinese providers are under the jurisdiction of the Chinese government, but will they use this opportunity to win the battle for supremacy?

5G telecommunication technology represents a revolution in how we will connect to the Internet, and everything else. The benefits of rolling out this technology in the USA, according to the Communications Technology Industry Association are three million new jobs and 500 billion dollars in economic growth. The impact on the other parts of the world might be even greater.

Even though Huawei has the long history of allegations that it is a serial cyber and IP thief, and also a tool of the Chinese military and intelligence services, this February has signed the 5G trials with more than 64 countries.

Today, that number is bigger than 90. And what is interesting is that more than 60% of those contracts are on the European continent, including many leading US allies.

Trump administration is currently fighting to prove to other countries that they shouldn’t collaborate with Huawei, and join their ban on Huawei technology, especially when it comes to 5G network.

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This administration has to change the way of acting against Huawei, and they can make the technology interoperable and secure, and create an effective supply chain that networks can rely on, without having to turn to Huawei components.

The USA should adopt four-pronged national security, and reset the approach too.

America cannot achieve an effective 5G strategy without leadership from the White House.

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